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Fillings and sealants are two important services we offer to restore and maintain a patient’s oral health. Our team is committed to helping you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile for many years to come.

Two of our most common dental services available are fillings and sealants. Our oral care experts can determine whether you can benefit from either of these services. Both are designed to help our patients achieve their long-term goal of positive oral health. If you need fillings or sealants in Alice, Texas, look no further than Alice Dental Associates. We are confident that you will appreciate the outstanding level of service we provide.


Dental fillings are provided when teeth have suffered minor damage or decay. The most common reason to provide a filling is when a tooth has developed a cavity. A cavity is a small hole or void that forms on a tooth when it is exposed to plaque and tartar for a prolonged period of time. Fortunately, most cavities can be effectively treated if a filling is applied in a timely manner.

When providing a filling, we carefully remove any decay and existing filling material from the tooth and then apply the filling substance. We offer both amalgam and composite fillings. Both filling options are very durable and add to the tooth’s overall strength. However, composite, tooth-colored fillings offer the advantage of resembling natural teeth. A common practice is to provide amalgam fillings for back teeth and composite fillings for teeth in the front that are more likely to be noticed.


Dental sealants are a preventive treatment that effectively protects teeth from bacteria and plaque. This can go a long way in preventing cavities and decay. Sealants are made of an acrylic plastic coating that is painted on the back teeth which are most vulnerable to cavities. In addition to protecting the teeth from cavities, sealants also make brushing easier by smoothing out rough surfaces. While sealants are most commonly provided for children and teens, they may also be recommended for adults who are are at risk of decay.

To apply dental sealants, we start by thoroughly cleaning the teeth. The next step is to slightly roughen the surface of the teeth using an etching gel so that the sealants can bond more easily. Then we carefully paint an acrylic coating over the teeth. The coating is allowed to harden so that it forms an effective barrier. Patients can care for their sealants like any regular healthy teeth.

Receive fillings and sealants from Alice Dental Associates to maintain your oral health. These treatments can go a long way towards helping you achieve a beautiful smile that you are proud to show off to others. Please call us at 361-668-3384 to schedule an appointment.

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Best dental staff ever! I have been going here since the 90s and i will never use or trust any dentist with my teeth except Dr. Garza! Thanks for everything! P.s. they make you feel like family here!

John S.


Dr. Roel Garza is a skilled dentist who did an excellent job extracting a broken molar. He is thorough and communicates well with his patients. The front office staff and hygienists/assistants are good too. I recommend this dental practice.

Manuel L.


So helpful and got my husband in on the same day. Clean place, friendly people. Thank you Amanda Cortez for recommending this place. I'm in love with it.

Amberly M.

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